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Dog Bites

Roughly half of the dog bite victims we see are children. When a child is attacked by a dog or another animal, there can be life long consequences.

Not only are there the medical bills for emergency treatment, but because many children are bitten on the face or neck, there may be additional expenses associated with reconstructive or plastic surgery to correct or minimize scarring or disfigurement.

The psychological and emotional consequences of an animal attack can haunt a child for life. The child may have consistent nightmares, a new fear of animals or talk about the incident often. Some dog bite victims even suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a recognized psychological condition that may require lengthy and expensive psychiatric care.

The experienced attorneys of Phillips and Lyon take dog bites and animal attacks seriously. We are proud of our ability to help dog bite victims recover damages from negligent dog owners.

If you were bitten by a dog or your child suffered a serious dog bite injury, please contact us today to receive the sound legal guidance and dedicated representation you need. We have offices in Phoenix and seven other convenient Arizona locations.

Do you have a case against the owner of the dog that attacked you or your child?

Some states have a “free bite” rule, however Arizona does not. This means that you have the right to file a claim against a dog owner for your injuries even if the dog has no proven history of aggression or viciousness.

Often times, dog owners try to accuse the victim of provoking the animal to attack.

The team at Phillips and Lyon can step in immediately to gather the necessary evidence to disprove this claim and force the dog owner to accept absolute liability for the attack.

When should you contact a lawyer? As soon possible.

  • We can act quickly to have the dog quarantined and to determine whether its shots are up to date, potentially saving you from the pain of unnecessary rabies treatments.
  • We will document your injuries and the progression of your scar to better convey the seriousness of the attack to the insurance company or jury.
  • There is a one year statute of limitation on most dog bite cases in Arizona so it is imperative to contact an attorney immediately.

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