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At Phillips and Lyon, we have the knowledge and compassion to handle all aspects of a wrongful death claim. We have extensive experience in aggressively representing clients in accidents that result in wrongful death or severe injuries. At Phillips and Lyon we can provide you with the skills needed to address a wide range of fatal accident or catastrophic injury cases. We understand the hardship and emotional trauma following the death of a family member, and will seek to provide the compensation you deserve for your loss. When wrongful death occurs, you need to contact a Tucson personal injury attorney immediately.

While many claims can be settled through negotiations, some become more complex and require a skilled litigator. By allowing our firm to work diligently on your behalf we can take care of all legal matters while you recover from your loss. We offer a free case evaluation to discuss your wrongful death claim and offer you an honest opinion of your legal options in pursuing a claim

Losses From a Wrongful Death

When a person is killed by an accident or any type of injury where negligence was involved, our skilled and experienced legal team will investigate the case to determine damages, both economic and non-economic, including any medical costs incurred by your loved one prior to death which includes funeral expenses and lost predicted future income. Determining the financial value of how your family will be impacted by the loss will be carefully analyzed when preparing your case for settlement. Our experienced and aggressive staff will make sure to maximize the recovery for damages, including pain and suffering if possible.

Contact a Tucson Wrongful Death Attorney after losing a loved one to a wrongful death.


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