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Our economy and the businesses in it depend upon the delivery of goods by large trucks and big rigs. The size and weight of a large truck even without any cargo can be intimidating to drivers or passengers in smaller vehicles. When one of these mammoth commercial trucks goes out of control due to a system failure on a busy road, a jackknife or rollover can occur. This may cause severe injuries to persons in the smaller vehicles. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need to call a Tucson personal injury attorney immediately.

Truck Accident Attorney in Tucson

Many trucking companies and truck operators take pride in maintaining high standard maintenance of truck and safe driving and equipment records. Federal regulations require regular inspections of truck systems and loads, prompt repairs and maintenance, minimum qualifications and training for operators along with restriction of length of shifts and regulation of rest periods and breaks. Due to extensive damage normally occurring when an operator looses control, trucking companies must carry large amounts of insurance.

At Phillips and Lyon, we frequently observe the disastrous effects a truck accident can have on a person's life. Typically the resulting injuries are much more severe for the occupants of the smaller vehicle than it is for the truck driver in a large commercial truck. No one deserve to be the victim of a truck accident and anyone who has experienced such an event deserves all the help and compensation available. At Phillips and Lyon we have an impressive record in successfully recovering high value settlements in truck accident injury cases.

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