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Resolving Insurance Disputes

When you have a Tucson personal injury accident and file a claim with the insurance company, you expect to be treated fairly and have your claim handled swiftly. Unfortunately, many times the insurance company does just the opposite. No matter how caring and helpful the adjuster for the insurance company may seem, in many cases the adjuster is looking to pay you as little as possible or even deny your claim.

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a personal injury accident, or you need help with claims that you have already submitted, you should speak to a Tucson personal injury attorney. At Phillips & Lyon, our experienced team of attorneys is extremely well-versed in personal injury law and litigation and insurance disputes. The senior partners, Mr. Gary Phillips and Mr. Gregory Lyon have over 35 years personal injury experience. We can step in to help you at the beginning of your case, until a settlement offer is accepted, to help ensure that your legal rights and interests stay protected.

Insurance Attorney Dispute in Tucson

You can depend on Phillips and Lyon to provide competent legal advice and guidance if you are filing a claim for injuries that are as a result of an accident. At Phillips & Lyon we have the knowledge and expertise to:

  • Seek appropriate compensation and/or replacement of damaged property.
  • Properly document your injuries.
  • Compile detailed information of your medical expenses and bills.
  • Provide in-depth summaries of lost wages.
  • Present comprehensive date on estimated future lost earnings.
  • Submit long-term medical care projections.
  • Establish the value of quality of life, consortium, and other similar type losses.

Phillips & Lyon can be a strong advocate and protect your rights under the Fair Claims Practice Act, including making sure the insurance company investigates the claim in a timely fashion, promptly responds to communications from the insured regarding their claim, does not delay or send incomplete payments, and does not settle a claim for less than the amount a reasonable person would expect. Should your rights be violated, we will fight to remedy the situation, including pursuing bad faith litigation if necessary.

Contact a Tucson accident attorney for a free consultation if you are involved in an insurance dispute.


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