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Over the years millions of lives have been interrupted and changed by drunk driving accidents. The period following this kind of collision may be filled with pain, confusion and anxiety regarding the future. Most clients and their families who come to us for help also hope to get answers in the process. While the driver who caused the injuries may be facing criminal charges, this will not pay your or your loved one's medical bills and other expenses. In order to obtain recovery for your losses it is important to have the guidance of a Tucson personal injury attorney. We advise clients not to speak with the other driver's insurance company in car accident cases, as anything you say could be used against you later on to deny a claim for compensation.

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Not all victims of a drunk driver have medical insurance to take care of the bills which are generated. If the injured person is unable to work temporarily or permanently a whole new set of complications can present themselves. High medical bills plus lost income, if the injured person is a primary source of income, can leave a person or a family in financial ruin. An experienced drunk driving accident lawyer investigates, gathers witness statements and other evidence vital to proving liability on the part of the driver or others who may share responsibility. Under Arizona law, an establishment or person who carelessly continued to serve alcohol to an intoxicated individual may be held accountable for resulting damages and potentially punitive damages, as the responsible party was criminally negligent.

Our experienced legal team understands that the stakes are high and is committed to using every available legal tool to obtain the full compensation which is owed to our client. Call Phillips & Lyon to discuss your case with a dedicated personal injury lawyer and learn more about your rights.

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