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Did a drowning accident take the life of a loved one in Tucson?

Tragically, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that drowning accidents are the leading cause of death in children. The further tragedy is that these are often preventable accidents which frequently occur in backyards or residential pools where there is a lack of parental or adult supervision. In addition, defective gates or no fence around a pool can also result in tragedy. Children are naturally attracted to water and can be curious around bodies of water including pools and hot tubs. Public pools may have inadequately trained lifeguards or even no lifeguard on duty. People boating negligently can also lead to a tragic drowning if life jackets are not worn.

When accidents such as these occur, loved ones of the family member may file a legal claim for damages caused by the accident. If a family member or loved one of yours has been the victim of a drowning accident, you should contact a skilled Tucson personal injury attorneys from Phillips and Lyon. We will investigate the accident and fight for justice on your loved one's behalf.

Drowning Accidents and Negligence

The owners of both residential and public pools have a duty to maintain a safe environment around the pool area, and to follow safety laws and codes, so that swimming pool accidents do not happen. When out on a boat, safety regulations must also be followed. When individuals are negligent in their responsibilities and someone drowns, they must be held accountable.

A family that pursues a legal claim against the party responsible for a drowning accident may not only be able to recover compensation for costs concerning the victim, they may also prevent future risks to other children. Phillips and Lyon has over 30 years in handling personal injury cases, including may drowning accidents. They are well-versed in the laws regarding drowning accidents and have extensive experience in these cases. Drowning accident cases can become complex and it is important to ensure that the attorney chosen will know how to properly handle the case so that no further harm can be done by the responsible party and deserved compensation is recovered.

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