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We all like to acquire new, more efficient tools for work, for transportation, or to use in the home. It is the responsibility of product manufacturers and designers to create products that follow agreed upon safety guidelines and standards. All products must include product information and adequate labeling and product information that warns consumers about possible hazards that may occur with each product. When manufacturers do not do this, senseless injuries or wrongful death can occur due to the negligence of the manufacturer.

Lawsuits arising from defective products have increased over the last few decades. The field of law that covers defective products is called product liability law and must meet certain criteria. A successful claim for compensation depends upon proving either a design flaw, a flaw in the manufacturing of the product, or inadequate or erroneous instructions regarding the use of the product and as a result of the erroneous instructions, injury occurred.

Defective Product Lawyer in Tucson

These cases can be extremely complex and each case has unique aspects. The skilled defective product attorneys at Phillips and Lyon have years of experience in gathering the expert witnesses needed and other vital supportive evidence to prepare your case. Our seasoned legal team has many years of collective legal expertise. Call Phillips and Lyon to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your defective product claim.

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