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Bicycle Accident Injuries

A bicycle rider is particularly vulnerable to the bad driving habits of motorists. Whether the motorist tailgates, ignores traffic signs and lights, or doesn't see the bicycle rider, the motorist's negligence can cause serious injury to the bicyclist. In addition to careless motorists, a bicycle rider may have to contend with dangerous road conditions such as potholes. Bicyclists are also vulnerable to animal attacks and defective bicycle parts. Under Arizona law a bicycle rider who has been injured by the careless or reckless behavior of another is owed compensation for resulting damages. This would include the owner who fails to control their dog who attacks or bites you while riding your bicycle.

Bicycle Accident Attorney in Tucson

Because a bicyclist is unprotected and exposed to the elements, when an accident occurs the bicyclist is likely to suffer catastrophic injuries. Even wearing a protective helmet may not prevent a bicyclist from broken bones, neck and back injuries, soft tissue injuries, or other debilitating conditions. The Tucson accident lawyers at Phillips & Lyon we will do a full investigation regarding the circumstances surrounding your accident. Our investigators will gather evidence and testimony to prove any negligence on the part of a driver or other party whose negligence led to your injuries.

Whether you were knocked off your bicycle by a negligent motorist or a dangerous dog, the results can be the same: severe injuries or possible permanent disability. Talk to a personal injury attorney at Phillips & Lyon concerning the circumstances of your accident and how we can help.

Contact a Tucson Accident Attorney at Phillips & Lyon who will answer all of your questions. We can help you seek the compensation you are entitled to.


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